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Munro House Nursery - Anniesland
mackin child care glasgow


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Pre-School (4 to 5 yrs)


Pre School (4-5 year) By now, our pre-school children are well rounded, loveable, independant people in their own right. They have grown through the ranks and become confident youngsters, ready for the challenges that school offers. All of our pre- school children thoroughly enjoy this year... it is the coming of age in nursery life, and true and lasting friendships are formed and never forgotten. With strong emphasis on school preparation, our children continue to experience education through play, with the help of  highly skilled staff and a visiting teacher. Carefully selected in- service training is given to all staff in kindergarten and strict assessment and monitoring procedures are followed... see 3- 4 year old tab for details. The Curriculum for Excellence continues throughout this final year at nursery and will then carry on until your child leaves school, whatever the age. Follow this link for information that will see your child through the whole Scottish education system.

We are devoted to making this the most interesting year for your child, whilst always providing them with gentle care and love they still require as young children. No child is pressurised into taking part, children help form their own assessment plans, they decide what they do in a day. This is the perfect learning environment at this stage of development. This is where 35 years of experience comes into play. Come along and get a feel for the kindergarten... we know that you will come away feeling inspired!

Pre School funded places are available. more details


Kindergarten (3 to 4 yrs)


At Munro, we have a very special feature. Our kindergarten is located in a separate building, within the same business park, just seconds from the nursery, but with enough distance to make it significantly indentifiable from the nursery. Our children treasure the thought of moving up to 'kindy', and usually in the weeks preceeding this transition, they take short turns of going across in small groups to experience kindergarten life before moving there on a permanent basis. It is a truly wonderful adventure for each and every one of them! There they find even more activities and resources at their disposal, specially purchased for their stage of development, designed to tease out every bit of brainwork, without any single child realising it.


They learn through play on a daily basis, sapping in information, selecting what to do next, performing assessment tasks without awareness of it, learning at an incredible rate every time they sit down to partake. Even quiet time is teaching time in nursery. It is all part of the bigger picture, all designed and monitored and all carefully considered by staff, parents, external professionals and the children themselves. Rest space and chill out zones give them complete the curricular circle, ensuring that each individual has access to every possible resource they might require in a day. A Curriculum for Excellence forms the basis for planning, learning and development at this stage. Transition records are started here in preparation for the move to school later. We have frequent parental discussions and run several parent’s days throughout the year.The staff monitor and evaluate the service against Child at the Centre 2 and the National Care Standards. Our Quality and Standards reports are submitted annually to our partnership providers. We have Spanish and Music lessons (at a small additional cost) delivered by two external professionals. The nursery participates in the Pre-school Vision Screening Programme and a daily tooth brushing regime is in place, which won us our Smile Too certificate!. ‘Learning at Home and in Nursery’ documents are produced and shared with parents/ carers to offer additional support and suggestions for learning. Assessment is for Learning (AifL) influences planning and daily opportunities. The kindergarten operates a key worker system and uses a visiting/ peri teacher. All of our children build up individual learning diaries that are used in a variety of ways during development and on completion.


Disney Club (2 to 3 yrs)


In our Disney Club Room the 2- 3 year olds have the run of the nursery!

The main floor, a huge, enticing, naturally lit space is always filled with loud, confident, happy go lucky children engrossed in set activities or just hanging out with their friends! At this age, friendships are really important so we have plenty of spaces established to provide that well deserved chill out zone, ideal for having those all important chats!

Our children are never, ever bored here... life is just one big wheel of fun and excitement... just join in and see what you can get up to! The children have the best of days, and amongst mountains of other activities, enjoy art and craft, dressing up, role play, baking, home corner activities, story time, music and movement, simple board games, table tops toys, construction, physical apparatus, soft play, sand, water.... the list goes on and on! We always have fresh ideas to brighten up their lives. They deserve it!

This age group follows similar procedures as set out in Baby Room, so please have a look there for detailed information on assessment and planning.


Baby Room (under 2 yrs)

Our little ones enjoy the freedom of two spacious, well equipped areas that they love!
Our youngest babies have a designated room, with highly trained staff, who fill their days with singing, stories, physical play, waterplay, drawing and painting to name but a few! Non- verbal communication is a critical element of this stage of development and staff are always found blethering to babies at every opportunity... if they can get a 'word' in! Always full of life, our baby room is a pleasure to be in, both for its educational and developmental values as well as its nurturing and calming attributes. Pop in for a visit and get a feel for their special space!
Older babies, who are beginning to find their feet and wobble about have seperate but attached premises, via an internal archway from the baby room. Here the toys are slightly more advanced, though there are still many rattles and soft furnishings to be found scattered about! This age brings social activity with babies starting to make friends, form relations and partake in group activities. A joy to be around, babies at this age are ready to take on the world!!
We are a Smile Too accredited nursery, with a robust daily toothbrushing procedure in place. We utilise Glasgow City Council's 0-3 Curriculum planning document, monitoring and evaluating our service against Child at the Centre 2. We use local improvement planning systems set out by our partnership providers, and submit a Standards and Quality Report annually. Our service is monitored and evaluated against the National Care Standards (see Care Commission Report). We have a Sleep Safe policy and operate a Key Worker system, ensuring that each child forms a strong bond with their established staff member. Transition records, ‘Home to Centre’ documents and daily chats with parents make for informed parties all round.
We also offer free settling sessions and will provide you with all the information you require. Just ask!